Intellectual property law has always been one of our main strength. A number of our lawyers had been actively involved in infringement cases during their previous stay with the now defunct Qilin International Law Office, which was at that time one of the strongest I.P. firms in Taiwan. Together, they had advised some of the world’s leading company in the computer, luxury items, food and beverage and pharmaceutical market. They carry to JTJB-Taipei an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience gathered from their previous time Qilin International.  

As seasoned practitioners in the I.P. field, we are only too aware that I.P. is one of the most valuable assets of a company because it provides a competitive edge over rivals in the market. This drives each and every of our clients to demand immediate and adequate measures over their rights in the event of an infringement. Our members are committed to provide the best possible protection for our clients. We work with them to secure the necessary measures from the local courts and to defend their rights vigorously when infringed upon. We strive to maximize the commercial value of our clients' IP assets and to ward off unwelcome IP claims from third parties.

Our intellectual property practice covers the following areas:  

  • Applying for search warrants for trade mark copyright infringement offences 
  • Prosecuting and defending civil action for trade mark and copyright infringements 
  • Trade mark application and revocation proceedings 
  • Proceedings for illegal use of confidential information 
  • Proceedings for breaches of licensing and franchising agreements
  • Passing off actions