Our team in this practice is strong and ambitious. Our style of work is precise and clear. We give clean cut advise on whether a claim should be paid or not. In the event the claim is hopeless to pursue, we tell our clients straightaway. If not, we build up the case with strong merits so that our clients can be rest assured when they rely on our opinion. Clients do not want typical legal advice using the same old typical legalistic approach. Clients want advice that makes commercial sense to them. This is especially for insurance and re-insurance matters where clients are also under some degree of pressure trying to harmonize with either their assureds (who in turn are also clients) or their re-insurers (who are working partners in the industry). What we do best at JTJB-Taipei, is to achieve the desired objectives of our clients in the most efficiently and diplomatic way

Our scope in the Insurance and Re-Insurance fields cover the following: 

  • Professional indemnity covering accountants, brokers, architects, and engineers. 
  • Contractors’ All Risks, builders’ policies, Erection All Risks policies. 
  • Property and liability covering all risks, public and product liability. 
  • Special risks covering directors and officers, jeweller's block and contingency risks. 
  • Marine and aviation covering hull & machinery, cargo, and P&I.
  • Personal injury, and workmen’s compensation. 

We are retained by the largest insurance company in Taiwan. Our clients also include 4 other major underwriters in the country. Cases handled by us includes the following:

  • Representing the largest Taiwanese cargo underwriter in a claim against a major re-insurer based in the U.S. relating to unpaid treaty contributions. 
  • Giving advice to a Canadian underwriter clients regarding contractors’ liability in a major high speed railway project. 
  • Representing local clients in a high profile case concerning product liability over jelly food products sold in the U.S. market. 
  • Representing an assured under the instructions of third party liability insurers in the Taiwanese courts in relation to a matter concerning medical negligence and advising insurers on the concerned policy issues. 
  • Acting for Hong Kong insurance brokers in a civil claim matter concerning allegations of insurance negligence at the Taiwan courts.