Cheryl specializes in the following areas: 

  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Civil Law
  • Succession Law
  • Corporate Law and Labor Law
  • Administrative Law

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Telephone : 886-2-27720567


Cheryl Hung is a graduate of National Taiwan University where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 1999 and then LL.M from National Taiwan University in 2004. In 2009, she was admitted to the Ph.D. program in Financial and Economic Law at National Taiwan University.
Cheryl was called to the Taiwanese Bar in 1999, and she passed the National Judicial Examination in 2000. She also acquired qualifications as a patent agent in 2000. Her legal career commenced in 2002 when she began practicing law in Taiwan.

Cheryl previously served as a committee member of the Taipei County Government Regulatory Committee . She also held adjunct lecturer positions at the De-Ming Institute of Technology and Tamkang University. In addition, Cheryl has contributed her expertise as a committee member of the Regulatory Commission within the Ministry of Culture and as a member of the Gender Equality Special Project Task Force within the Ministry of the Interior.

Cheryl has an extensive and diversified practice background, encompassing areas such as real estate, civil law, family law, labor disputes, commercial litigation, and administrative law. Her wealth of experience includes representing a private high school in Taiwan, facilitating a remarkable turnaround from a protracted series of legal setbacks, ultimately culminating in a favorable Supreme Court ruling that reclaimed nearly two thousand ping of school property.

Additionally, Cheryl has acted on behalf of a building management committee in a precedent-setting civil lawsuit that successfully compelled the eviction of a renowned restaurant, marking a pioneering instance in Taiwan where residents collaborated to enforce such action. Furthermore, she has handled complex negotiations and litigation in high-value inheritance dispute cases involving sums exceeding ten billion NT Dollars on behalf of individual clients.

Cheryl has demonstrated her prowess in various realms, including offering legal guidance to professionals such as physicians and accountants entangled in partnership disputes, and successfully assisted clients in resolving administrative seizure petitions filed by the Administrative Enforcement Agency  against well-known individuals. Notably, in a patent infringement lawsuit instigated by Chunghwa Telecom, Cheryl represented the defendant, the first domestic parking lot operator to implement license plate recognition systems, securing a favorable judgment that paved the way for the widespread adoption of this technology in Taiwan's parking facilities.

Furthermore, Cheryl has provided expert legal opinions in gender equality cases for a listed company in Taiwan and has served as a legal advisor to renowned corporations and popular restaurant chains. Her current role includes acting as the perennial legal counsel for several corporate entities, encompassing Taiwanese enterprises, Japanese corporations, private foundations, schools and religious organizations.

With over two decades of dedicated legal practice, Cheryl approaches each case with meticulous care, diligently advocating for her clients' rights. Her commitment extends beyond advocacy to offering pertinent legal advice and recommendations, grounded in a comprehensive understanding of her clients' circumstances, including strengths and weaknesses. This approach empowers her clients to make informed decisions in navigating legal risks. As a result of this unwavering dedication to her clients' needs, Cheryl has earned a profound and enduring trust within her clientele.