Business, Civil, Criminal and Matrimonial Litigation

The firm provide an all rounded practice in local litigation at all levels of the Taiwan Courts on all issues concerning Businesses, Commercial, Civil, Criminal and Matrimonial issues. Our lawyers know how to maneuver through intricacies and complex matters that are often involved in a claim.

Litigation should always be kept as a last resort in the settling of a dispute. The emphasis should always be placed in the structuring of an overall response strategy capable of achieving the client’s desired goals without the need to further the matter to litigation or arbitration. This would require skill, negotiation technique and a result-orientated mind. We have a track record of successful pre-trial and out-of-court settlements. We are one of the best negotiators in town. In a recent case involving professional negligence, we acted for a major Japanese insurance company against a very senior member of the Taiwanese Bar who is deeply connected in the Taiwanese judiciary. The case had been in every way a challenge to our resourcefulness, stamina and nerve but we were eventually able to attain a 100% compensation settlement package for our clients through a display of diplomacy and aggression during the negotiation process.

Adding dimensional to the scope of our work, we have been successful in a number of cases involving multi-jurisdictions. We are back up by a team of litigators who are highly experienced in international litigation. An example of recent cases where we have acted for foreign and local clients against a party in a local or foreign jurisdiction would include the following :

  • We represented the largest petroleum company in Taiwan in an S&P dispute over the purchase of Natural Gas with the oil and gas state enterprise of Indonesia.  
  • We acted for a major Taiwanese manufacturer of electrical appliances against a Hong Kong purchaser in a contractual dispute that involved fraud. 
  • We represented the Taiwanese agents of a major Japanese pharmaceutical company in a dispute concerning the licensing of rights to import and sell medicine in Taiwan. 
  • We acted for one of the richest Taiwanese-American billion-airs in the US in a family feud that resulted in parallel matrimonial proceedings being commenced in Taiwan and the U.S. that would ultimately involve the re-allocation of extensive wealth.   
  • One of our lawyers represented one of the richest entrepreneurs in Taiwan in one of highest profile criminal litigation cases in the 2016 to 2018 period concerning civil disputes and criminal indictment over the edibility and sale of oil and related food products to the general Taiwanese public.

Our litigators have extensive experience acting for foreign clients seeking legal remedy in Taiwan such as applying for mareva, tracing, disclosure and other ancillary relief at the Taiwanese courts. We advise on conflict of laws issues and where necessary liaise with local private investigators to conduct asset searches in order to facilitate enforcement procedures.