We are one of the few international firms to have a foot hold in Taiwan. Our head office in Singapore began in 1988 and has a solid name in transportation and commercial law. The Taipei office started operations in the middle of 2002 with a dominant population made up of staff previously from the now defunct Qilin International Law Office. Qilin was one of the largest and most successful law firms in Taiwan specializing in multiple areas that included corporate acquisitions and intellectual property. Needless to say, the ex-Qilin lawyers brought over a wealth of knowledge and experience to JTJB-Taipei. We work hard to differentiate ourselves from our local counterparts by our refined and higher quality work. This means speed, sharpness and giving clever advise. Our goal is to build up a resounding reputation in our niche areas of practice in Taiwan by providing a better and more personalized service. We do this by selecting our lawyers carefully and by maintaining a definitive style and a strong work ethos.

We do not do routine work in a routine way. Clients want brain input from us in a job, not just document processing. This means being creative and resourceful. This also means our willingness to always go that extra mile further for our clients.

Our style of work is aggressive. We move very swiftly in all that we do, be it drafting a progress report or filling an application to preserve evidence. There is a lot of anticipation in our performance. We anticipate client’s needs and prepare documents in advance, we foresee the questions that clients will usually ask and always have the answers at hand, and we forecast on our opponents’ move allowing us to all the time plan 2 steps ahead of theirs to block deployments. Other than this, we fully understand the advantages of diplomacy and will readily switch to a softer approach in scenarios where aggression should be less preferred. In all that we do, our clients’ objectives are paramount.

Our main strength would however be our creativity and ability to fully utilize resources to produce an all rounded, practical solution to tackle issues faced by our clients. We therefore encourage our lawyers to be innovative with their ideas. What we definitely do not want is to tell our clients that something cannot be done, without first exhausting every possible avenues available to man, whether legal or not. This is the type of commitment and dedication that we show to our clients. 

We maintain an impressive crew on board our practice. Each practicing lawyer at our firm has at least 10 years of post qualification experience. This means that work will not be assigned to some budding young lawyer freshly admitted to the bar while the client is then charged fees equivalent to that of a mature practitioner. Each of our lawyers specialize in an area of the law currently practiced at our firm. All of them are case-hardened and time-tested during their previous stay with major law firms in Taiwan.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We are always conscious about how our clients regard us and there is therefore constant pressure upon us to perform and act in the utmost professional manner as members of the international legal community. Unlike local firms who move solely on their own, our image in Taiwan reflects upon the entire JTJB group that operates on a global scale.